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Green Gold Animation collaborates with Google India for their Camp Google 2020. Camp Google 2020 involves two engaging weeks for kids through their interactive activities and assignments. This initiation is to enable kids to make the most of their time at home and win exciting prizes. This Camp Google 2020 starts from July 1 and ends on July 20.

The kids can explore skills such as painting, writing, storytelling, arts & crafts, coding, and cooking through exciting & innovative assignments that will be shared with them starting from 1st July 2020. They will also be taught how to be responsible digital citizens while being safe online as these assignments do include internet safety tips too.

Storytelling or Expressing through Stories Assignment will help kids explore the various facets of storytelling. They will learn the basics of storytelling from one of their favorite storytellers. And then, kids will have to exhibit their creative side by writing their very own short story. The age group 8-11 years which comes under the junior category can explore the magical world of stories by downloading the Read-Along application. For the age group, 12-16 years which comes under senior category can directly start with the given assignments.

Kids can explore the Painting with the assignment that is to Explore the Waters of India with Google Earth! The main aim of this assignment is to teach them about these magnificent water bodies and how important roles they play in our lives. In the end, they are expected to paint their own work of art which brings alive the message of conserving water. There are different assignments included for the junior category of age group 8-11 years and senior category of age group 12-16 years.

Coding is very interesting which is based on the concept of Problem Solving with Tech. Kids would love to explore the Coding with Scratch! Coding may sound tough for many, but in actual it’s really easy! The assignment for this includes where they will have to learn about the various tools involved in creating an app with Scratch. Once the kids are clear with the basics part, they can try at making a game using Scratch. This can be done on something where kids would like to teach people to do at home something educational in a fun yet interesting way. There are separate assignments included for the junior category of age group 8-11 years and senior category of age group 12-16 years. No more waiting too long to discover the techie in you.

Apart from this, there are also interesting assignments for crafts & sketching, cooking, and learning a new language. 20 July 2020 is the final date of submission for all the assignments. In case kids have started late, they can still participate in all the activities. To participate in Camp Google, they must make sure to sign-in with the same email ID across all assignments.