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Kalari Kids

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Kalari Kids show revolves around the village of Kalaripuram which preserves and practices the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu and following the day-to-day lives of two competing Gurukuls.

One Gurukul is run by elder brother Guru Palan who believes in bringing the best out of his students with light-hearted methods. Beenu is one of the best students of Guru Palan & the protagonist of the show. He is devoted to mastering the art of Kalaripayattu. Meena is Guru Palan's daughter who gets her love for the art of Kalari from her father. She also learns Mohiniyattam from a visiting teacher at the Gurukul. Shyam, a rich kid from a spoiled urban life, is a quick learner and adept at Kalari. Unni and Ami are the mischievous little twins & youngest students of the Gurukul, who are ready for anything that Guru Palan throws their way.

Another Gurukul run by Guru Veta who believes in a rigid military form of training. Raaka is Guru Veta's protege and hence believes in all his ideologies. Dhaana is Raaka's sidekick and is faithful to Raaka. Mani is Guru Veta's only son and only follows his father out of duty to do so. Langot is a huge brute of a kid, who tries to match his Kalari skills with his size but fails. Lekha is the only girl studying at Guru Veta's Gurukul.

The episodes of the show are packed with comic adventures!

Arjun Prince Of Bali

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Arjun, The Royal Prince of Bali, is truly the strongest and bravest who sets out to protect his kingdom, family, and his friends. King Sahadev Verma is the father of Arjun who is the 36-year-old King of Bali and takes each challenge with a smile & is calm even in crisis! Queen Suvarna is the mother of Arjun who is the 30-year old graceful, beautiful, and poised Queen of Bali. She is a doting mother who adores her son and daughter. Tanya is the 6-year old Princess of Bali and sister of Arjun who is sweet, sassy, charming, and graceful. She adores her brother, Arjun. Zimboo is Arjun’s 6-month old male pet tiger cub, which is playful, loyal, and accompanies him in all his adventures. Aci is a dainty pretty girl who along with her sister Ayu entertains the Bali King and Queen with their Balinese dance.

Arjun and his friends leave no stone unturned to ensure Bali is safe from the wrath of the dreaded Hiranya. Arjun series is a perfect blend of action & comedy. It revolves around the daily life of young Prince of Bali, royalty, bravery, compassion, and loads of challenges. Some of the highlights of this show are episodes packed with the daily life of the Prince Arjun who adventures in Bali jungle, governance of kingdom, Arjun’s heroics, life in the palace/villages/kingdom, and kids enjoying the marine life!

Chorr Police

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Chorr Police is a funny robbery & chase comedy set in modern-day Mumbai! The two main characters of Chorr Police are Anthony and Lovely Singh. Every episode starts with a funny robbery, wherein the Chorr is trying to escape from the scene of Crime, where the Police is trying to catch him. The Chorr escapes in most of the episodes very narrowly. This is the unlimited chase between the police and the smart thief. Policeman Lovely Singh chases thief Anthony, who is the Slumdog Robinhood in the story. Lovely Singh has one purpose in his life that is to catch Anthony.

Inspector Lovely Singh is an honest and heroic policeman whose only mission is to keep trouble out of Mumbai. He is always on the lookout for Anthony who is always up to some mischief. Anthony is a lean, mean, and smart thief, who has a heart of gold and usually steals for a good cause. He is also known as the Robinhood Slumdog of Mumbai. TiTli is a young and pretty journalist who Lovely Singh secretly admires. The main highlights of this series are ultimate gateway & chase, comedy with great humor, great urban locations, and full-on entertainment!

Krishna The Great

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Krishna - The Great is the enchanting tale of the miraculous birth of Lord Vishnu in the form of baby Krishna to Vasudev and Devaki. The story is set in an era when the human race was overburdened by the demonic forces of different kings posing themselves as the royal order. The adventures of Krishna and his friends in Vrindavan is filled with action and excitement, as they discover new forests and face new demons. All through these fun adventures Krishna and his friends are challenged by demons which are finally destroyed by Krishna and Balram!

Krishna - Makhan Chor shows the infant Krishna growing up in Gokul under the love and care of his foster parents, Nand-Lal and Yashoda, to become the popular, mischievous but lovable "KANHA" of Gokul. The main highlights of the series are great adventures, imaginative plots, stunning locations, and family entertainment!

Luv Kushh

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Luv Kushh series revolves around the twin brothers, Luv and Kushh born to Lord Rama and Sita. Luv and Kushh were in the ashram of Valmiki where Sita took refuge after she left Ayodhya (Sita was abandoned by Rama). Luv and Kushh are smart and energetic brothers who are extremely intelligent kids. Luv-Kushh are very energetic growing up and got into trouble with their mother because of their exploits. They are quick to learn the Vedas and master the art of archery & sword fighting.

The stories are full of action & adventure involving imaginative plots and stunning locations. The highlights of the series are great adventure, fast action, stunning locations, and family entertainment!