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Super Bheem

The idea of Super Hero in the Indian Animation Industry has been brought by Super Bheem, the cartoon created by Green Gold. The show is involved with fun & frolic to achieve the impossible mission by Super Bheem & friends! The kids love the elements of action, adventure, and comedy packed in the shows.

Super Bheem is the valiant superhero of all the galaxies combined and embarks on many adventurous journeys through mythical lands. He and his gang of friends, Chutki, Raju, Jaggu, Kalia, and Dholu-Bholu travel to fantastical lands beyond our imaginations. The ever-helpful, wise, and powerful Sky Dragon only trusts Bheem to solve every problem in the deepest corners of the galaxies.

Every friend of Super Bheem has their powers: with super sight, super strength, superhuman hearing, some tone-deaf singing, and even heightened animal instincts. They often aid Super Bheem in fighting villains that seem mighty and unbeatable. Green Gold Animation has also released Super Bheem movies like SUPER BHEEM BANA VAJRAVEER, SAMUDRI LOOTERE, ANTAARIKSH KE RAKHWALE, and SUPER BHEEM AUR DRAGONKALA KA RAHASYA which are available now on Netflix, Amazon and Google Play Movies.